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Rumi Therapy

Mankind is rediscovering Rumi. His universal teachings are just as relevant as they were when he wrote them…

All of us have much to learn from 13th century poet and scholar. Doctor Nevzat Tarhan explains how the wisdom inherent in Rumi’s work, the Masnavi, can be the cure we need for our souls and our psychological wellbeing.

Tarhan explains that we must take living wisdom of Rumi as a guide as we navigate our daily lives. He read the Masnavi as a work that treats our hearts and pysches in a manner that is a work that is now accepted by modern psychology. Tarhan’s interpretive methods enable us to raise our awareness and see the truth within ourselves.

Drawing inspiration from Rumi, Tarhan writes:

“Unless there is light the eye of the man is blind,

Unless there are facts eye of love is blind,

Unless there is morality the eye of intelligence is blind,

Unless there is balance the eye of greed is blind,

Unless there is modesty the eye of fame is blind,

Unless there is virtue the eye of power is blind,

Unless there is extravagance the eye of money is blind,

Unless there is empathy the eye of expedience is blind,

Unless there is equity the eye of justice is blind,

Unless there is medical ethics the eye of physician is blind,

Unless there is wisdom the eye of civilization is blind…”

“Rumi will be the one who will show us the way as we transition from the information age to the age of wisdom. He affects the codes within our spiritual programming, activating tenderness within us.”

Doctor Nevzat Tarhan